George and Alyssa met while attending CSULA. They asked me if we could do their engagement session there and of course I said yes! I had never been to the campus, so I did a quick search online and quickly found very few images of the location. I came across a couple of photos of people doing science but it didn’t tell me much aside from the fact that perhaps no one has ever done an engagement session at Cal State University Los Angeles!? When I arrived, I saw… a lot of cement buildings. They told me they knew the campus was a little plain, but since it had a special meaning for them it was okay. After we finished, I can safely say this was one of my favorite sessions! There was so much variety and the story behind every location was so cute!

This sets the scene for these two…

…since they met during class in Salazar Hall!

Here they are sitting at the tables right outside the classroom where they met (and where I’m sure they spent a lot of time!)

The eagle of CSULA (I come from Triton territory but this eagle isn’t so bad 😀 )

Congrats Alyssa and George! Can’t wait for your gorgeous wedding!