I had the opportunity to capture Pamela and Dominic on their wedding day at the beautiful Mission San Juan Capistrano in San Juan. We had done a family session with their adorable dogs a few weeks ago, so they were basically professional models by the time we got started!

San Juan Capistrano holds a special place in my heart because it’s where the swallows fly home and return. Part of my middle name stands for that particular bird since my parents wanted to remind me to come home at least once every year. Joke’s on them because I’m at their house raiding the fridge at least once a week now 😉

Getting that hipster shot in

Are you really a Southern California Wedding Photographer if you haven’t done an image under this arch??? #rightofpassage

btw, how STUNNING is Pamela? And her Essence of Australia dress!!

Love the architecture here so much! I still remember all the field trips to different Missions back when I was in elementary school in Northern California!

Moms and Grandmas… :’)

This is Dominic’s brother. Giving him a hard time. Something I can totally relate to because I have a little brother and definitely did not make his childhood easy. Shout out to James!!

100% in love with Pamela’s ring, wedding band, and this very sweet custom bracelet!

Yes this bride and groom are perfection

Huge huge congrats to these two! So grateful they gave me the opportunity (and ample time!!) to capture them on their big day!! If you haven’t checked out the Mission San Juan Capistrano yet – definitely check it out!