UPDATE: This unique engagement session was recently published on Love,inc.! Check it out HERE

When I asked Krystle and Bradford if they had any location preferences for their engagement session, they told me they liked large structures and then casually (jokingly…?) mentioned they also loved dim sum. The minute they said that, I got back to them and suggested a dim sum engagement session. I, like any good Asian, LOVE food and especially love dim sum. I also love unique sessions, especially if they incorporate something meaningful!

We settled on Hong Kong Lounge II in San Francisco, CA. The cozy restaurant had all the classic, dim sum favorites and didn’t bat an eye at two DSLR cameras.

A quick dumpling cheers…

After the restaurant, we headed to a very meaningful park bench. This is where the two first said the L word to each other – with Chinese take out in tow.

Absolutely loved this unique engagement session and can’t wait for the wedding!