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Aja & Daniel [Engagement]

I’m kind of obsessed with how silly and fun these two were. Aja initially told me that Daniel didn’t like taking photos but I really don’t think that is the case! Can you tell how much fun these two have with each other?! #goals I was told that Daniel doesn’t take a photo unless it’s with sunglasses on…BEHOLD, our token sunglasses photo! SO...

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Pasadena Colorado Street Bridge Engagement | Natalie & Robert

When I first spoke with Natalie about an engagement session, I was excited to do something a little different – she told me they were having a 1920s inspired wedding and wanted this to be reflected in the engagement photos. I could not have imagined how adorable and dapper these two would look when they arrived for the shoot. The dress, hair, makeup, attire, and how utterly in love Natalie and Robert were made this such an amazing session!...

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